• TRINITY ENGINEER'S focus towards each assignment will be the same from start to the end.
  • TRINITY ENGINEERS finalise the scope of the assignment along with the client so that there will be clarity about the deliverables.
  • TRINITY ENGINEERS will be kept informed and involved in every step of the assignment.
  • TRINITY ENGINEERS will document all the activities , prepare the manual, drawings if required and hand over the same to the clients.
  • TRINITY ENGINEERS will be with the clients to give on going supports and assistance.


  • Coimbatore is the leading manufacturing and industrial hubs in south India.
  • Coimbatore conjures up as the city at the helm of business and entrepreneurship Work culture is participative and highly professional and endowed with global standards
  • Coimbatore Industries had developed personnel, facilities, materials, and processes required to meet the specific needs of the customer
  • We work with our associates who are credited with offering customized and cost effective engineering solutions.
  • We are associating with selective industries to manufacture effective components with highest reliability, provided in the fastest turnaround time
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